Incube Incubation Program (Laravel Training)

Incube Incubation program is a incubation package that consists of training, implementation and internships on Laravel Framework.
In the program we will focus primarily on the practical implication of laravel framework in web development, while simultaneously developing fundamental knowledge base of these concepts. So, we will have more practical approach to learning. The aim is to make you able of handling simple laravel projects.
With that aim, we will provide you guidance in individual project for a month. In that period we will have collaborative approach to learning where everyone will help everyone learn, practice and grow.
After the completion of the training and individual projects, we will place you as an intern where you will have to deal with actual projects. The intern projects may be in-house or outsource depending in the need of the situation.

Program Details:
Name: Incube Incubation Program
Training: Laravel Training with Jquery and AJAX
Shifts: Evening
Investment: Rs. 12,500 / person (Includes cost of learning materials)
Available Seats: 5 person per shift
Place: Patan
Time: 5 PM to 6 PM (Evening)


  • Simple Understanding of Html and CSS

  • Basic Knowledge of PHP

  • Basic Understanding of OOP Concepts

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